It is the little things that separate Win and Loss; Silver and Gold; Good and Excellent.

Be it the use of Sport Science, conversations of Mental Well-Being, or High-Performance Sport mindsets, India has a lot of catching up to do with Olympic Powerhouses across the world. The Abhinav Bindra Foundation is an initiative that focuses on the small things that can create a large impact by targeting that “1% Detail” in the Ecosystem that makes all the difference. One that encourages conversation of Global Best Practice, contextualises it to an Indian Setting, and helps incorporate these learnings into making a robust Sporting Ecosystem!

We have started the conversations. The knowledge is there. And more importantly, the commitment of the Indian Sporting Landscape is unwavering. As we come together as a nation, the dream of Olympic Glory is not far away. But it starts here, with the small things. The attention to detail, the coming together of the stakeholders, and most importantly, the every day. That is where the Foundation strives to contribute on our nation’s collective journey towards Excellence!

Our Way of Excellence

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