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The Mental Wellness Programme

Athletes are also human; are prone to anxiety, depression, and need to be given a safe and conducive atmosphere to pursue excellence. Our Mental Wellness programmes are designed to help sensitize athletes, coaches, and the rest of the sporting ecosystem towards mental health, reflect on its link to peak performance, and how they can incorporate best practices into their day-to-day lives. 

Aspects of Mental Wellness

Psychological Safety_4x.png

Athlete Psychological Safety aspect is aimed at creating awareness in the sports ecosystem, regarding their responsibility towards athlete mental wellness and to empower the sports ecosystem with skills to create a psychologically safe environment for athletes.

Self awareness_4x.png

Athlete Self-awareness aspect is aimed at creating awareness in athletes about their responsibility towards their mental health and empower them with skills that help them with self-care. 

Mental Ressiliance_4x.png

Athlete Mental Resilience aspect is aimed at empowering the athletes with an awareness of the game/competition situations and mental notes that aid them in managing these situations better.


Mental Health Recognition & Referral aspect is aimed at empowering the sports ecosystem to recognise and respond to signs & symptoms that indicate a probability towards mental ill-health.

Athlete Mental Wellness And Coach Mental Wellness

The Athlete Mental Wellness (AMW) and Coach Mental Wellness (CMW) programs are operational in 5 sporting ecosystems with an emphasis on athletes and coaches as humans first, where they are equipped with self-awareness and self-care tools, post-athletic plans, mental resilience, along with other components. By virtue of AMW and CMW programs, we seek to also raise awareness on the sports ecosystems' responsibility towards athlete and coach mental wellness through the Athlete Psychological Safety (APS) and Coach Psychological Safety (CPS) training.


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