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Leadership Development

A series of workshops & training will be conducted by veterans of the Indian sporting ecosystem. Our objective is to encourage participation of female athletes in sports, promote active recreation, break gender stereotypes, improve self-esteem, and personality development.


Female athletes competing at a recreational, professional and national level are redefining what they can achieve. The Sport4Her program designed with a holistic approach for sportswomen in the country ensuring that we cater to multiple paradigms using sport as a vehicle for development.


Mental Wellness

Through Athlete Mental Wellness (AMW) sessions specifically tailored for female athletes. We are focusing on four key areas - Athlete Psychological Safety (APS), Athlete Self Awareness (ASA), Athlete Mental Resilience (AMR), and Mental Health Recognition and Referral (MHRR). 

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High Performance Training

Along with regular sports specific assessments, rehabilitation sessions, performance enhancement training & nutritional consultations, curated sessions on menstrual health and nutritional deficiencies will also be held to help athletes deal better with issues such as PCOS and Female Athlete Triad. This component will ensure the Physiological, Nutritional, Psychological, Gynecological, and Physiotherapy needs of the athletes are met.


Female Athlete Network

Experts from the sporting ecosystem and former champions will mentor athletes and work towards influencing a cultural change, promoting positive role models, and supporting all levels of female participation and engagement in sport. The female network of athletes will create opportunities for girls and women to participate in sports while also encouraging and supporting their lifetime appreciation.

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