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The passion for sports in India is unparalleled. The Indian sports industry is growing rapidly, a competitive structure in the form of leagues have added to the popularity of sports along with various government initiatives like #Kheloindia

A sports injury can be serious and cause profound physical and emotional distress. The physical aspect of the injury can even contribute to loss of sports career.

The importance and reputation placed on athletes today has led to increase in sports injuries.

There are several factors involved in the recovery of injury process and one of them is how quickly, effectively and efficiently the injury is treated. Restoring a patient’s health and re invoking their desire to go back on field is what we continuously strive for. The mission is to lead them confidently in the direction of their dreams and let them live the life they’ve imagined with honesty and integrity.

Proper infrastructural support during the journey of an athlete has an impact on the development of elite sports talent and sports participation at the grass-roots level.

We are working to drive awareness around sports injuries and by offering high-quality facilities, treatment options and resources that will help athletes to rebuild their career post-surgical intervention.

Don't let injuries derail your career

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Establish a Centre of Excellence

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