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About the programme

The STEAM Scholarship is a One-Year Scholarship Programme for athletes, which gives them complete access to the world class technology at our centres, and a sport specific, customised high performance physical training programme. Our aim is to deliver the best global practices for grassroot Indian athletes through the intervention of sports science and data, specifically curated to meet the needs of those in the 12 to 25 age group. 

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The Need for S.T.E.A.M.

An athlete has to fight against all odds to reach the elite level in India and to stand a realistic chance of making the nation proud at the biggest stage of them all – the Olympics. Without mentorship and guidance, this can be an isolating journey and often results in promising athletes burning out without even coming close to fulfilling their potential. Hence, the need for a programme designed to empower budding Indian athletes, provide them high-performance training at par with Global Best Practices and mentor them in their journey of becoming Olympic champions.

  • What is the STEAM scholarship Program?
    S - Science T - Technology E- Engineering A - Analytics M - Medicine The STEAM scholarship program combines all the above elements and provides high-performance training, physiotherapy & rehabilitation services for grassroot Indian athletes. The total tenure of the scholarship is one year.
  • Who can apply for the scholarship?
    Indian athletes belonging to the age group of 12-25 years can apply for the scholarship. Applications are open to all athletes who have played right from the District level upto International competitions as well.
  • Athletes from which sports can apply for the scholarship?
    The STEAM scholarship program caters to all competitive sports (Individual and team sports)
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