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Celebrating Suravi: An Event of Joy, Learning, and Values

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Children’s Day is a celebration that calls for moments that etch memories in young hearts. Just when the sun rose on Children’s Day, the atmosphere in Odisha was filled with so much excitement, and anticipation. The Odisha Government had something special in store - The Suravi event, an uplifting event by the Odisha government where the ABFT contributed through engaging activities. This day marked not just a festivity but a profound commitment to fostering talents and nurturing skills in the young minds of Odisha.

A Blend of Important Values

Suravi, deeply rooted in the Olympic Values of Respect, Excellence, and Friendship, emerged as a living testament to the dedication of Odisha Government schools. It unfolded as a dynamic platform encompassing cultural, academic, artistic, athletic, and social dimensions, creating an environment where the seeds of growth could be sown and nurtured.

The jubilant gathering reflected the collective spirit of the young stars, where the journey of self-discovery and collective celebration took centre stage. As we extended our warm wishes to these bright souls on Children's Day, the Suravi event promised an enriching journey that would unfold throughout the day.

The event, with its emphasis on Respect, Excellence, and Friendship, echoed the essence of the Olympic spirit. It transcended conventional learning methods, providing a vibrant platform for students to absorb crucial life values through engaging and enjoyable activities like Hockey.

Inspiring Interactions

Olympian Ravi Kumar also graced the Suravi event, sharing his inspiring story with the children. His presence added a touch of magic, creating a heartwarming connection with the young minds. As he recounted his experiences and the values that propelled him forward, the students absorbed not only the essence of Olympic achievement but also the importance of determination and hard work in reaching one's goals.

The event reached its final day with an insightful interaction session led by Mrs. Gayatri Mallik, a former Indian footballer and the current coach of Odisha FC's women's team, as well as the State's senior women’s team. Through sharing her journey as a player and coach, Mrs. Mallik emphasised the core values that played a pivotal role in her success. Discipline emerged as a recurring theme, underscoring its importance in achieving excellence in life. Her words resonated with the students, leaving an indelible mark on their young minds.

The final act takes its bow

The Suravi event was a fulfilling and enriching experience. As we bid farewell to this celebration of holistic development, the echoes of laughter, the colours of art, and the lessons of values linger in the hearts of every participant, marking Suravi as a day to remember.

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