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From Summer Camp to Swimming Success: Tejas N's Remarkable Journey

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

If you can dream it, you can do it.

It was during the summer season in 2014 when a young and talented soul named Tejas N, supported by Jamna Automobiles, developed a passion for swimming. All of this happened when he joined a summer camp. Who knew that a summer camp would change his life for the good? Because the water kept on embracing him, his interest in swimming developed more, and his journey in Para Swimming began.

With his newfound dream, Tejas decided to join the Dolphin Aquatics academy, and turn his dreams into reality. Within the walls of this academy, his dreams began to take shape, encouraging him to leave no stone unturned to make a name in the competitive swimming field.

In 2014, Tejas finally got an opportunity to showcase his talent. He participated in Nationals organised in Indore. He had mixed feelings altogether. On one side he was pretty nervous but on the other side he was sure of his skills, and expertise. And there he was standing strong, and proud. Tejas N won three silvers and a gold in the tournament. This was a major turning point for him, and since then there was no looking back. Tejas continued to practice harder, and performed outstandingly in every tournament he participated in.

From 2014 till 2022, Tejas participated in a plethora of tournaments, and adorned his neck with medals. He won over 20 gold medals and 4 silvers in national tournaments. But this wasn’t the end of his journey. In 2017, he stood proudly as a representation of India in the Youth Asian Games and secured a place among the top four. The next year, he participated in the World Series, a platform that welcomed the best swimmers from all over the world. In this tournament, he earned a bronze medal, and created history in the world of swimming.

In 2019, Tejas went to Singapore to take part in the World Series. This time he earned the fifth position. This might be a small achievement for most of us but it was a big one for Tejas. As time passed, people started to know Tejas more due to which he reached the United Kingdom to represent Indian in the March World Series. Swimming helped him climb the ladder of success as he earned second position in the 50 metre backstroke, third position in 100 metre backstroke, and fifth position in the 400 metre freestyle in the Asian rankings.

Tejas N turned his dream into reality by earning numerous medals with time. Nevertheless, in 2020 his life took a turn as he was bestowed with the life changing STEAM Scholarship from the Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust. The scholarship became a ray of light for him as he not only obtained the imperative resources but also the required training and guidance for swimming.

When they said “only you can turn your dreams into reality”, they said it right !

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