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High Performance Coach Development Program

Online Program for Coaches and performance specialists by ELMS Sports Foundation in partnership with Abhinav Bindra Foundation and Loughborough Sport

Program Introduction


The online High Performance Coach Development program is designed for Coaches and performance support specialists working in competitive sports who are responsible for helping athletes achieve optimal athletic performance at the professional level. The program is packed with practical information and insights from experts interspersed with ample problem-solving exercises and analytical discussions with peers so that coaches of all sports and performance specialists can successfully take their athletes to the next level and develop their sports potential. Participants will benefit from a comprehensive yet flexible curriculum designed in partnership with internationally respected coach practitioners and academics from the field of coach education

WHO Should Enroll?

  • Sports professionals from the following segments may consider applying–

  • Current Coaches– with demonstrated ability and aspirations to become a high performance coach

  • Performance support staff - sports science and sports medicine specialists working in competitive sports who are responsible for helping athletes achieve optimal athletic performance at the professional level.

  • Current/Ex Elite Athletes – looking for post-athletic career opportunities in high

  • performance coaching.

Program Modules and learning outcomes:

The program includes 12 Modules across five overarching learning themes identified as central to the success of performance coaching. The 12 Modules along are as below:

Theme 1: Athlete Development

Module 1: Understanding the Athlete Module 2: How Athletes learn and make decisions

Theme 2: Coaching Methodology

Theme 3: Integrating Sports Science in Coaching

Theme 4: Self Development and Leadership

Theme 5: Mentor Coaching and Learning

Program Details

The Certification Program shall be for a period of up to 6 months, and shall consist of the following:


Session of 2 - 2.5 hours. The orientation aims to provide the participants with an understanding of the Certification Program requirements, regulations etc., and will outline to participants the academic support provided by the Certification Program team as well as the peer support and collaboration opportunities available to them.


12 sessions (1 session/ week for a period of 3 months) covering 5 modules, with each session of two (2) hours.


10 sessions (1 session/ week for a period of 3 months), with each session of (1.5) hours.


*Open Sessions shall run simultaneously while participants are engaged in Project Work.

** (the duration of the Certification Program mentioned herein, the number of sessions and timelines provided here in below are indicative, and shall be subject to the sole discretion of ELMS Foundation).

Eligibility Criteria and Fees

Academic Qualification - Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in any stream.

Work Experience - The applicant should have work experience of a minimum of 2-3 years as a competitive coach or a member of a performance support services team overseeing the training and competition outcomes of individual athletes or a club, academy or other professional representative teams

Language Proficiency - Be comfortable with English as the medium of instruction.

Fee and Duration

Fee: INR 48,000/- (+ GST per candidate)

Duration: Up to 6 months

Start Date: June 2022

Format: LIVE, Interactive, Online

Knowledge Partners:

Abhinav Bindra Foundation and Loughborough University - Loughborough Sport

For More information, visit ELMS Sports Foundation

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