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Redefining Limitations "The Story of a Cerebral Palsy Athlete's Rise to Fame"

Babanpreet Kaur, an 18-year-old girl from a small village of Khurd in Punjab, was born with cerebral palsy and dreamt of becoming a footballer. Despite her condition and the challenges, she faced due to restricted mobility and financial struggles, she remained determined to fulfil her dream.

She experienced social stigma due to the misconceptions associated with disabilities, but Babanpreet had a solid will to defy the stereotypic norms. Babanpreet’s hard work paid off and she was selected to represent Punjab at the National Championship organized by CPSFI (Cerebral Palsy Federation of India) in August 2022 in New Delhi and bagged a gold medal. Considering her potential and passion for the sport, the Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust (ABFT), offered her high-performance training to help her achieve her sport goals. The scientific interventions offered by the Foundation played a key role in shaping Babanpreet’s potential. Regular assessments of her motor skills and evaluation of her biomechanics helped to achieve her maximum capabilities.

Because of the much sought-after training received, she is prepared to give it all in the upcoming CPSFI National Championship. She believes that able minds actually add up to abilities.

She also shared her experience quoting, “My passion for the sport diminishes any kind of limitations. Getting tired is a part of life but can’t define my whole life.” Looking into Babanpreet’s dedication to the sport, The Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust provided both systematic physiological and psychological training so that the athlete with Cerebral Palsy keeps aspiring to make winning efforts. The regular conditioning given enables Babanpreet to maximize her athletic performance.

Babanpreet’s determination keeps shining through and she expresses gratitude towards the Foundation for providing her with the sports science backup that has helped her enhance her sports performance.

According to Babanpreet, ABFT has backed her thoroughly and she appreciates the Foundation's commitment to helping athletes with disabilities achieve their dreams.

Babanpreet's story is a testament to the transformative power of sports and the impact it can have on people's lives. After performing well at the National level, she aspires to represent India at the International level. She aims to inspire para-athletes to not lose hope and keep working hard to achieve their dreams.

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