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Sport4Her: An initiative by the ABFT

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In the competitive sport industry, every athlete is working dedicatedly to fulfil their goals. However, if we speak about women, they are also putting all the effort into making their dreams come true. But the question is whether or not they have essential support to push themselves forward. Well, if you are someone who has interest in sport, and wants to climb the ladder of success but needs support, the Sport4Her program offered by the Abhinav Bindra Foundation Trust has got you covered.

The Sport4Her program is a source of encouragement for all the female athletes’. It not only supports them but also helps them reach their best in sport and beyond. The program gives thorough support to boost the athletes’ give their best both on and off the field.

Understanding Sport4Her

The Sport4Her program is designed with a multifaceted approach. It focuses on four imperative components mentioned below:

  • Leadership Development,

  • Athlete Mental Wellness

  • High-Performance Training

  • Health and Nutrition.

At its core lies an extensive holistic approach. This approach is all about having a suitable plan that makes every athlete feel included and empowered. It recognizes that being physically healthy is crucial, but it also values how emotions and mental well-being play a big role in how well athletes' perform.

The program goes beyond just dealing with sport injuries. It looks at various aspects of an athletes’ life, such as their exercise routines, schedules, mental well-being, overall health, and leadership skills. It aims to do more than traditional sport training by seeing the athlete as a complete person.

The Sport4Her program works hard to support budding female athletes’. It offers top-notch training that matches international standards and also pays attention to the mental side of sport, helping athletes’ handle competition stress, develop resilience, and balance their lives well. The program goes beyond just physical training by organizing workshops on media skills and mentorship to boost leadership qualities and self-confidence in female athletes'.

What sets the Sport4Her program apart?

What sets Sport4Her apart is its dedication to making the athletes’ more aware. The initiative focuses on highlighting the specific challenges female athletes’ encounter, like dealing with conditions such as PCOS/PCOD and managing menstrual health and hygiene. By bringing attention to these issues, Sport4Her strives to build a more supportive and knowledgeable setting for female athletes’ to succeed.

The Sport4Her program also includes an establishment called the Female Athlete Network, made up of an all-female committee. This network is essential for grasping the details of top-level training, overseeing how the initiative works, and using its platform to get resources. With more than 150 members, this network is a strong support system for female athletes’.

The Final Word

The Abhinav Bindra Foundation is doing a great job in supporting female athletes’ through its Sport4Her program. This shows their strong dedication to empowering women in sport. The foundation provides resources, mentorship, and a supportive community, making a big impact on the success stories of these talented female athletes.

With that said, take a look at our website to understand more about the Sport4Her program.

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